posted on February 27, 2015, 8:04 PM by Wilhelm

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All Uniclamps now come with EC-360 Green Thermal Pads free of charge. They offer an even better thermal conductivity at 2.5W/mK and make your xbox even cooler, a higher quality product for the same price!

The pads are also good for other use, we sell them on our shop too at great prices!

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posted on August 25, 2012, 10:19 PM by Wilhelm

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After a long waiting time, it is finally done, the Xbox Slim version is ready to sell and the tutorials are done, the kits have been ready for a year already but some small tweaks and the tutorials kept us busy for a while. :)

There are some new thing and some old new things, but all in all it is very similar to the PHAT versions.
The prices however are a fair bit lower on the upside.

The Kits address hardware issues with the Xbox Slim, related to the CGPU and the RAM Chips, these are often indicated by a red light or a red and green switching light, this is where the kits help(make sure its not a software error though, then the kits obviously cant work :P)

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posted on June 27, 2012, 9:46 AM by Wilhelm

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It's possible that when you go to the store to pick up an Xbox 720, you'll pay less than you did for your Xbox 360.

That is, if you're just talking about the upfront cost. But if the price is indeed lower, it will be because the console was subsidized by a cable company contract.

The Xbox 360 is already becoming less and less of a video game machine and more of an all-encompassing entertainment device for the living room.

All consoles are trying to do that on some level, but by the end of the year, the Xbox 360 will offer content ranging from live coverage of pretty much every sporting event you can imagine to streaming music, and even live cable TV.

The latter is in fact already available for customers of small, regional cable services. The Wii and PS3 admittedly cannot truly compete with the depth of non-gaming content that the Xbox

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posted on June 23, 2012, 11:51 AM by Wilhelm

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After about 2 years of development and tweaking we would like to proudly announce the latest version(1.3) of the GPU Shims for the Hybrid Phat Kits.

A special thanks goes out especially to Shadow-Wizzard who helped a lot with ideas for the design and testing, and also bigwerm.

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The major improvement compared to the older shims is, that it fully covers the ENTIRE chip including the inner bits, this makes the shims by itself a lot more reliable and you need to tweak less as pressure is applied literally in every tiny gap there is it fully fills it out. We found it helps a lot with E74s, 0020s and some bitchy 0102s.

Another minor improvement also the material is a bit more dense, we changed the structure and mixture a bit, so t

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posted on June 23, 2012, 11:32 AM by Wilhelm

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As the ITC deliberates over whether or not to ban the Xbox 360 from sale in the United States, Microsoft rejects Motorola's settlement terms in its ongoing patent infringement case.

Motorola wants to settle its lawsuit with Microsoft but Microsoft has rejected the company’s terms.

A committee is still deliberating on whether or not the International Trade Commission will block the Xbox 360 from being imported to and sold in the United States. With summer underway, the looming threat of a ban ahead of the holiday season has got to have Microsoft a little sweaty below the pits. The reason the Xbox may be banned is that an ITC judge ruled in May that Microsoft’s console infringes on a number of patents held by Google-subsidiary Motorola.

Motorola doesn’t want the Xbox banned from shelves. It’s ridiculous. All Motorola wants is the royalties it believes its due for its tec

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posted on April 6, 2012, 3:36 PM by humboldt111502

Getting final approval Yesterday, the Navy and the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology department have approved a contract with "Obscure Technologies" for $177,237.50 to...

"fund the development and delivery of computer forensic tools for analyzing network traffic and stored data created during the use of video game systems" according to the doc posted on

The document goes on to explain the purposes of the project to create the following...

-Hardware and software tools that can be used for extracting data from video game systems.

-A collection of data (disk images; flash memory dumps; configuration settings) extracted from new video game systems and used game systems purchased on the secondary market.

-A final report between 10 and 20 pages to include the following information:

-Detailed account of issues involved in extracting forensic data from a series of game consoles
-Technical information regarding how information can

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posted on April 4, 2012, 11:56 PM by humboldt111502

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Last week it was first reported by that computer forensic experts from Drexel University told them hackers can steal credit card information from your old/used Xbox 360 hard drives, even after restoring your console to factory settings. Speaking to Kotaku in a phone interview, researcher Ashley Podhradsky said Xbox publisher Microsoft is doing a "disservice" to its customers by not doing a better job of keeping personal data protected.

"Microsoft does a great job of protecting their proprietary information," she said. "But they don't do a great job of protecting the user's data."

According to the initial Kotaku report "Podhradsky, along with colleagues Rob D'Ovidio and Cindy Casey at Drexel and Pat Engebretson at Dakota State University, bought a refurbished Xbox 360 from a Microsoft-authorized retailer last year. They downloaded a basic modding tool and used it to crack open the gaming

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posted on March 9, 2012, 1:04 AM by Wilhelm

We are happy to finally release the Xenon RGH Hack. This is by no means meant to be used for an everyday RGH as its as bad if not worse than a Zephyr, however it does work and will be perfect for those who have a Xenon where they lost their DVD key or an unbanned key vault.

Here is the readme included with the release:

* Wiring
Generate your ecc image using the latest version of J-Runner and flash to your NAND (+w16 just like a regular RGH).
Program your TX CoolRunner (or whatever flavor RGH mod you are using) with the tx-xenon.xsvf or tx-xenon.jed file.
The Xenon has a capacitor on CPU_RST that was removed in later models. C7R112 (located near the xclamp under the CPU) must be de-soldered, and the CPU_RST wire from the TX CoolRunner(D) must be soldered to the left pad (non grounded pad).
A 47nf ( 0.047uf) capacitor needs to be added between PLL_BYPASS(+) and GND(-). (If you have a genuine TX CoolRunner REV B you can use the on-board by bridging the CAP jumper)
A 220-

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posted on February 26, 2012, 8:02 PM by Wilhelm

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The newly formed RGH Development Team at Xecuter HQ are proud to announce that all Phat consoles have now been defeated and are totally glitch-able without having a previous NAND dump or CPU KEY (the same applies to Slim Trinity that have been updated to 14717/14719) !

Codenamed RGH 2.0, new features introduced:
* Hack now works on new CB's (14717/14719 update)
* Hack now works with all Refurbished Split CB's (4577, 5772, 6752)
- Zephyr CB 4577, 4575
- Falcon/Opus CB 5772, 5773
- Jasper CB 6752, 6753
- Trinity (Slim) CB 9230

To confirm, we can now glitch Phats with any kernel and any bootloader. As soon as you have your CPU KEY, and you are using an Xecuter DemoN you will ALWAYS be able to switch to a fully hacked NAND and it can never be stopped no matter what update you apply and no matter which efuses are blown !

We will be helping the J-Runner team to implement all of the new

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posted on January 27, 2012, 11:35 AM by Wilhelm

Microsoft will upgrade its disc technology for its next Xbox from DVDs to Blu-Ray discs, catching up to rival Sony, games industry sources tell Kotaku.

Sony's PlayStation 3 currently supports Blu-Ray, which can contain 25 or 50GB of data compared to DVD's 9GB.

But that disc detail could be far less impactful to the next generation of game consoles than the assertion I've heard from one reliable industry source that Microsoft intends to incorporate some sort of anti-used game system as part of their so-called Xbox 720.

It's not clear if that means that the system wouldn't play used games or how such a set-up would work. Obvious approaches—I'm theorizing here—like linking a copy of a game to a specific Xbox Live account could seemingly be foiled by used-game owners who would keep their system offline. My source wasn't sure how Microsoft intended to implement any anti-used game system in the new machine.

A push in any way by Microsoft against used games would likel

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